After much self deliberation and meditation, I have decided to shorten my trip. Due to several factors, mostly on going problems with my knees, I decided it would be best to get myself within a distance that I felt I could finish the ride without exacerbating some of my pains. Therefore I took take a bus from Green River, Utah to Reno, Nevada. From Reno I rode through the Sierra Mountains and down into the the bay area over the following 5 days to San Fransisco. Throughout the last few days of my ride I have been able to reflect on how great of an experience this ride has been for me. Each day through out my journey, without fail, I encountered situations that were made special and  memorable because of the wonderful people I met on the road. Situations that, without these people, would have been void of much of the richness and magic that I attribute to what I consider a successful trip.  The more time I spent on the road, the clearer it became to me that it was not coincidence that I was so fortunate to meet amazing individuals around every corner. Rather, I made the quick realization that  everyone has admirable qualities, and that good intentions will bring out the best in others. I also realized that these people mirror the generosity and caring given by you, my amazing supporting cast in this effort. Without all of you, this experience would not have been possible, and for that I am eternally grateful. I feel so fortunate to have been able to try and better myself by giving myself to a greater cause.  I have learned that giving does not have to be a temporal process. If something so simple as caring for others can feel so good, then it should be ingrained in us all, and permeate our lives. Sharing the best part of us with others is what gives life such wonderful meaning, and I encourage all of you to continue doing great things for others as I, myself, have been completely inspired to do the same. On that note, I must give special thanks to my parents, who are both amazingly generous and caring people, and without whom none of this would have been possible. Thank you again for supporting such a wonderful cause as the one advocated by Sibling Connections, it has been such an honor to be part of their dream. Please stay connected an involved by visiting the sibling connections website, My fundraising page will stay open till the 15th of june so please feel free to continue sharing with other about the cause!

Tyler is buried deep in the Rockies and wanted to share this:

“I was staying at a campground last night and I found all of the notes that the kids made for me before the trip tucked into one of my bags. I read them and could NOT GET THE SMILE OFF OF MY FACE! I really remembered why I was doing this trip & how much I really love being a part of the CTB & Sibling Connection community.

PLEASE TELL EVERYONE that I am so happy for having done this trip and that I would do it ten times over for this cause!”

My travel partner through Kansas and Colorado,  Nicky Sylvestri, and I ran into Rusty Nail, a cyclist from Plano Texas and member of the Plano Texas Bicycle association. We chatted for a while in West Cliffe, CO and Rusty was kind enough to post us on his blog…check it out

Tyler was featured on KBIA in Missouri. Click here to listen to the podcast.

Here’s some more pics from Tyler, with his notes on each:

Here’s a few of photos Tyler has taken from the road:







Today, I went to work, tried to stay awake at my desk, came home, jumped on the couch and watched the Red Sox. On the other end of the country, Tyler and his bike launched into the Rocky Mountains. Tyler wins.

He is currently riding through Colorado with a riding companion he picked up along the way.  Tyler’s grandmother has flown out to spend some time with him and to make sure he has meals and a places to stay. She is currently driving a car along the route. How cute is that?!


TylerRecently in Lark Ozark, MO, Tyler was on the receiving end of the kindness of others. After an accident on his bike left him and his bike pretty banged up, the community rose to help him get back to his journey. Read the article in the Lake Sun Leader here.

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